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Friday, June 26, 2009
26th June 2009
My baby Elaine full 1 years old already. I'm so glad that she grow healthy and be naughtiest baby. I'm glad that she be happy and keep smiles everyday, and now she know how to laugh but she tried her best to laugh 'Ha ha ha' copy my style.. :) Beside that she like to bite people, i wonder that her tooth going to grow more soon cos i saw 3 of it this morning.

Elaine's 1 years cake. The cake so cute but if see the drawing like so funny cos the pampers too big and the baby leg so small. The bakery failed. LOL

Elaine with her pretty Aunt. Brenda & Cornelia :))

This the only picture taken with Elaine's grandpa that night cos everybody busy eating and drinking.

Elaine with nai nai ler..

Elaine with Wee Jie (small uncle) lolz

Elaine hold her Rat whole night.. Present from Ah Girl. See that little boy teeth is broken. lol but he still keep smiling when ever they took his photo .

Elaine learned how to walk, its Fisher Price brands, but i don't know what it call. LOL. toys + baby helper. Yesterday morning Aunt Anne came to our place and gave that baby walker to Elaine. She told me that things Wee Jie use last time. Actually she is not choosy girl, she also can use chair to walk while push the chair. LOL . Nowadays, she learned things so fast. Some more learn 2 language in 1 times, cos I not really understand Chinese so i talk English with her.


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7:56 AM

Thursday, May 7, 2009
I'm back~
Yahoooo.. guess where am i right now??
Its been 1 year 4 month i left Kuching and back again . :) So happy to met my hubby's family and my little girl. She been too naughty all the times, she grow up too fast since come to Kuching just for 4mth plus. It's quite long for me.. Now days she crawl everywhere, and need to look after her every second. Thanks to my lovely family here who taking care of her. Elaine's big aunt n small aunt. Hehehehe.. They so cute~

Now, Elaine can call papa already but we still confuse whether she call mama or mamam (want to eat). She like chocolate but i dunno what she dislike.. coz every thing will go inside her mouth. I bet she like eat tissue also .. LOL . She don't like vacuum and piano. Maybe the sound too weird for her, and she very choosy too when someone makes her nap. She likes her grandpa to make her sleep, some more with Alphabet song. She so funny~!!
Cant wait to see her first steps to walk. .

Hope tomorrow will be rain coz our weather tel-cast saying that tomolo will be rain. Y i hoping tomolo must rain ? coz the weather here very hot. Even there has air conds but the temperature still hottttt.. until my face become spicy.. hahahaha


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10:29 AM

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

티맥스 - 파라다이스 (꽃보다 남자 OST)

Startlight Tear..

Almost paradise.. achimboda deo nunbusin

Coz i'm stupid!!


I lost for thousand years.. LOL

I've been Speechless for all this time. Don't know what to blog. Totally blank-out~

Actually i busy with my Eudomia(its my character in WOW) and some interesting movie. Hehe.. Everything drive me crazy ~

Since i lost for few month without blogging, i hope you guys enjoy listen to the song. I just not crazy bout this song but sympathy for the lost of the greatest JJY .. Hope you rest in peace .

Jandi the main character, then F4 (Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo Yi Jung & Woo Bin) + Ga Eul + Jae Kyung =)


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8:28 AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
EdmOnd & Fion Wedding

Brides walk in..

Cute cupcakes and the bun

Beer & Whisky

The menu....

Suddenly the environment outside the ball room turn to Thailand song

Edmond & Fion cartoon~ So Cute la!!

Everyone will get the cupcakes..

Waiting for the Brides~~

2 become 1

Friend, thanks for everything. For 7 years both of you been thru that's the challenging moment and the sweet things for you. Before, we call you Edmond and Fion and now we call you husband and wife. Is the great surname that hard to find. I call its Fate, and your wedding dinner is the special that i ever attend in my life. Btw, sure you got read Kenny blog.. LOL



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3:57 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009
New Jobs~
I've been thru alots of interview and mostly all is a lame. Now, don't care anymore coz i just want to aim my target is a Money!! everyone love money right?. Even you don't like the job or maybe its not fun but just thinking of money and future. Of course you will do the best~! Today went for the 2nd interview for Ritz Carlton Sales Consultant. But i'll be based at Wisma UOA II near to Pavilion, the building just opposite the Pavilion. Quite near and so convenient!! Hopefully i will do my best for it. ;)


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4:19 AM

Saturday, February 7, 2009
Year of Ox~
It's been a while when i have been logging off.. ==". But it's not too late for Wishing you guys Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Maybe some of you don't know i am half chinese already, because my hubby is chinese so its definitely for me to celebrate the New Year of Chinese lunar calendar. Its a happening day but when this celebration comes, the shop all closed. But i still have chance eat the 'kolo mee'. Miss it so muchhhh..~~ but i can't find Laksa!! and the stall at petanak selling the 'salty fish with pork' is closed as well. Damn!!~~ Until i get back to KL i still dont have chance to go eat there. No wonder i lose weight when i came back from there.. So poor~~ ==""
Day before Chinese new year we having a gathering dinner with family, i miss the precious time when we eat together. After dinner i saw my hubby's sibling go visiting grandma to get ang pao.. then i shock me also get. Hahaha.. not fair right.. coz im married odi. LOL. But Elaine get a lots ang pao among of us. The funny is when she get the ang pao, she bite it and chew the paper..

Day after the Chinese New Year Elaine getting sick, start with coughing then flu and skin allergic. Until me also infected by her cough. So pity my baby :( .

The next day we go visiting at relatives house then go see lion dance at Allan's Cyber. When i was little kid i scared see the lion even from far i will run from it but Elaine love it so much.

Not too late for mama Gladys meeting Elaine.

I've watching a lot of new movies but not yet update for you guys.. So wait for my next update~~~

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6:08 AM

Monday, January 19, 2009
Elaine grow teeth..
My baby Elaine just grow teeth. Her grandma realize it when she having a mild fever. That's because she always suck her thumb and for sure her teeth cant be seen. Then her nai nai and ye ye bring her go check up but she look fine.. Beside, Elaine like people whisper at her and she will say 'aaaermmmmmm'... Hahaha .I miss her so much, i want to hug her so tightly. Huhuhuhuhu.
All this while all my post about Elaine very short. If i meet her soon i will post longer about my lovely baby.. I miss you so much Elaine! luv you!!


"You made me CRAZY into U."

6:41 AM

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